HR Outsourcing is a Valuable Tool for Business Success

An increasing number of medical facilities are choose HR outsourcing companies to handle human resources functions outside the company. There are many benefits to this practice; our top three arguments for HR outsourcing are below.

1. HR Outsourcing Saves Your Company Money

By pooling many healthcare employees under one roof, HR outsourcing companies offer economy of scale that are normally only available to large corporations. By working with an HR outsourcing company, costs associated with workers’ compensation and Employment Practices Liability insurance, health insurance costs, and human resources infrastructure can be dramatically reduced.

2. HR Infrastructure is Streamlined

Your HR outsourcing company will handle the administration of unemployment claims, COBRA, health insurance and other benefits, employee inquiries, payroll, tax filing, and more. While these activities are important, they do not generate revenue for facility. When you partner with an HR outsourcing company, your managers can spend their time doing more activities that improve your facility’s bottom line.

3. Benefit Offerings are Improved

When you partner with an HR outsourcing company, you will be able to offer benefits to your employees that may not otherwise be available to your facility. Your facility’s ability to offer a wide variety of medical, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance plans, plus 401(k)s, employee assistance programs (EAPs), flexible spending accounts (FSAs), and more can really boost employee satisfaction.

There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to partner with an HR outsourcing company, but we know that most medical facilities are hesitant to move HR operations outside the company. We welcome all questions and look forward to easing your worries. Email your questions to one of our HR pros.



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