If one of your staff is injured on the job, it can become a nightmare if you’re not well prepared.

MedPayHR.com specializes in providing your medical practice with workers’ compensation insurance to ensure the safety and health of your staff and your practice.

Protection for Your Staff & Your Practice

When most people think of workers’ compensation insurance, they usually think of the employee’s needs and injury.  While that is cause for concern, it’s also important to think of the impact on your practice.

That’s where MedPayHR.com makes a difference.

Workers’ compensation insurance is designed to protect the business as well as the employee injured.  We focus on helping you stay complaint so that if a staff member is injured on the job, you can take care of them as well as your practice.

Increased Savings & More Focus on Your Practice

MedPayHR.com offers your medical practice a no-down payment workers’ compensation insurance policy so that you can save money from the start.  Since we offer workers’ comp to other practices, we can also provide you with reduced rates on your insurance policy.

Instead of worrying about coverage and staying compliant, your staff can spend less time dealing with workers’ comp and more time on caring for patients.  Your staff will feel safe working in an environment focused on their safety.  Your patients will directly benefit from the increased attention they receive from your staff and that will reflect in your practice’s growth and efficiency.

Find out how outsourcing your workers’ compensation insurance can save you time and money.  Contact us today for a free consultation.