Paying your employees is an important part of running your business.  After all, there’s a lot to consider with employee time sheets, payroll taxes, and overall compliance.

That’s why outsourcing your payroll services through is an easy solution for your medical practice.

Easy Access and Options for Your Staff

We provide a variety of options to make payroll processing easy for your business.  Your employees can by paid by either direct deposit to their financial institution, direct deposit to a check card, or with a physical check.

We also offer an online portal that is accessible 24/7 for both you and your employees.  The portal is accessible from anywhere with internet access.  Your staff can go online and make changes to their information.  However, some items will need to be followed up with a fax or email.  They can also have access to print out their paystubs, W-2’s, or link to health insurance carriers.

You can also access vital information as well.  From the portal, you can report, review, and approve items from our invoices and reports.  You can also obtain information and forms for new employees such as I-9’s, W-4’s, and state tax forms as well.

Adding Convenience & Time Saving Measures to Your Payroll Processing 

Along with our online portal, our payroll processing services are designed to save you time when it comes to paying your employees.

In fact, at we can reduce your payroll time to less than 2 minutes per pay period!  With so little amount of time processing payroll, your staff can focus on helping your patient’s with their needs.  We also offer free quarterly tax filing and no end of year W-2 fees.

By outsourcing your payroll processing with us, your staff can use their time more wisely, which will improve your practice’s efficiency.