When it comes to your staff’s healthcare benefits, there’s no room for error.  If a member of your staff or their family gets sick or needs immediate medical attention, the benefits you provide will most likely be their one resource to receive care.

Leave Your Healthcare Benefits to the Experts

MedPayHR.com specializes in providing healthcare benefits to the medical community.  When you outsource your medical practice’s employee benefits with us, your focus can remain on your #1 priority – your patients.

Since we handle all of the administrative tasks of providing benefits to your staff, their time is much better spent not only on your patients but also on running your practice.  Your patients will notice how much your staff is focused on them and their needs, which will translate into a more efficient and profitable business.

Concerned About Obama Care?

All of the upcoming changes to healthcare benefits are confusing at best.  So why not have someone else take care of it for you?

If you’re concerned about how Obama Care will affect your practice, we are here to help.  MedPayHR.com takes all of the mystery out of the new legislation.  We will guide you through the over 20,000 pages of legislation so that your staff is well taken care of and your practice is compliant.

Increase Efficiency and Receive Better Rates

Since we provide benefits to a large group of individuals within the medical community, we can offer your practice reduced rates on your healthcare benefits.  Your practice will see a savings in their healthcare costs and in the amount of time they spend on administrative tasks.

Your practice will run much more efficiently as your staff’s time can be focused on the important task of providing critical patient care.