Outsource Benefits Administration for Improved Service & Efficiency

Handling your medical office’s employee benefits administration can pull you in a thousand different directions. New hire packages, a myriad of insurance plans and options, cafeteria plans, FSAs, 401(k)s – each has its own paperwork, eligibility requirements, payment periods, and more. Is outsourcing your benefits administration to a PEO a good idea?

Are you ultra organized?

Keeping track of all these programs for all of your employees can be a daunting task, requiring lots of time and energy. Can you keep up with the paperwork, employee inquiries, and payment schedules, on top of your other job duties?

Do you have the required knowledge base?

It takes a lot of research and background knowledge to understand all of the requirements associated with every employee benefit program, to answer questions about the programs, and to be able to tell whether your company has made cost-effective plan choices. Do you feel confident administering benefits, or do you find yourself asking lots of questions and doing mountains of research?

Do you have enough available time to administer your medical office’s benefits?

If you have other job duties, you may find yourself working double time to keep up with benefits administration and your other responsibilities. Is it worth it to you to work nights and weekends in order to get everything done? Or, would it make more sense to partner with a PEO, and have knowledgeable benefits administrators handle all of those time-consuming benefits tasks for you?

If you answered “no” to any of the questions above, we recommend that you consider partnering with a PEO such as MedPayHR. It could save you more time and money than you expect. Get all the latest and most reliable information on employee benefits administration by contacting a specialist today.

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