It's clear that the costs of running your practice are rising.

  • Reduce medical payroll time to 2 minutes a pay period. Unnecessary and redundant administrative responsibilities takes valuable time away from your patients and growing your practice.
  • The average family practice has 3.85 support staff per full-time physician, with $147,654 total support staff cost per full-time physician, according to the Medical Group Management Association.
  • MedPay HR can reduce the time your administative staff spends on payroll and HR processing by up to 90%
Use Your Staff's Time Wisely

Asking your staff to perform operations tasks such as payroll and HR tasks may not be the best use of their time.

Raising Effeciency

Outsourcing payroll will not only help you cut costs, but will make you and your staff more efficient.

Industry Leading Support

MedPay HR offers a wide variety of medical payroll services and industry leading support. We are not here to just sell you a service, but to support that service developing a long term working relationship.

Why should you outsource payroll services for your medical office?

Y ou rely on your staff to represent you. The reception your patients receive could cost you money and future business. It\’s important that your staff spend as much time on patient care per visit as possible. In this fast paced world keeping up with new technological advances is a task that can take up your staff\’s time and energy. Keeping up with the changes in legislation regarding payroll procedures and managing inefficient and redundant operations doesn’t have to be a part of that problem!

At MedPayHR we know that your patients are your business so we take the complication out of payroll and HR administration. Your payroll is done accurately and efficiently allowing your staff to get back to the business of providing excellent care for your patients! You focus on what you do best and our highly trained staff of payroll experts will take care of the rest!

  • HR Services And Administration

  • 24/7 Easy Access For You And Your Employees

  • No Down Payment Workers Comp

  • Great Group Rates On Health Care Benefits & 401K\’s

  • Free Quarterly Tax Filing

  • Unemployment Claims Experts

  • No End Of Year W2 Fees

  • Excellent Customer Service And Support

Contact us today and find out how outsourcing your payroll services with us can benefit your medical practice.